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Kristall Body Packs

Exclusive Body Packs - Body Treatments in the Kristall Loungers


You can't beat that wonderful feeling of weightlessness, and it also has brilliant effects. In the Kristall water lounger you will float in the perfectly temperate water bed and relax in the body wrap, without coming into contact with the water.

Individually chosen for you, your skin will be covered with essences which suit your mood and requests. Through the warmth and therefore particularly receptive skin, the essences work especially intensively and provide numerous benefits.

We look forward to providing you with your very own cloud to float on, and for every treatment in the water lounger we will give you an aromatherapy oil chosen by you!

Exclusive Body Wraps

The Queen of the Night

Oil of evening primrose enriches the skin with important beneficial elements!
The essential oil is especially beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. The salt-water towels soothe skin suffering from neurodermatitis and psoriasis. The towels also stimulate the circulation, balance impurities and regenerate!

Lavender Petals

Ideal against nervous conditions and sleep disorders. The real lavender oil plays an important role in aromatherapy, particularly against nervous conditions and circulation disorders. Through the sea-salt the pack also detoxes, cleanses and balances.

Orange Blossom

Absolutely mind-blowing! Regenerating and wonderfully relaxing for sensitive skin. This treatment is very popular because of its fragrance and the pleasant application of moisturising creme. Sea-salt is also used in this treatment.

Rose Petals

Rose fragrance helps provide balance everywhere it is needed. Through the sea-salt from the Dead Sea the treatment also detoxes, cleanses and harmonises.

Chocolate Dreams

Wonderfully caring creme pack for dry skin especially for luxury chocoholics! Fine white cocoa butter nourishes, strengthens and cares for the skin, and all completely calorie-free! Chocolate is a luxury item from the Aztecs and still brings us happiness through its taste and beauty properties. An absolutely fantastic wellness treatment for silky smooth skin.

Rock Oil Fango

All joints are indulged with this local body pack. Rock oil is mined in the Achensee region and is applied to the body warm as a fango pack. It is especially beneficial after sport.

Tyrolean Hay Salt Pack

With a perfect wave of energy the body becomes more alive, stress is soothed away and blockages in the tissue are gently solved. The pack detoxes, cleanses and harmonises the whole body.