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Kristall Infra-red Cabin

Light Therapy in the Kristall Grotto
Enjoy healthy perspiration with your loved-one in the infra-red cabin

Infra-red cabins are becoming more and more popular as a way to perspire healthily as through their lower temperatures they are especially good for the organism and circulation. While you simply sit in the Kristall grotto alone or together and relax, your body goes through an effective fitness programme!

Even if you are sensitive to high temperatures you should still enjoy the deep warmth at relatively low temperatures of around 48 ° C. The secret of the Kristall infra-red cabin is the beneficial rays of warmth which radiate directly from the source to the skin and cause perspiration. Toxins are washed out and body and skin are rejuvenated!

Infra-red radiation is an old, traditional and growing means of healing for many complaints. As well as boosting the circulation and anti-bacterial effects, infra-red radiation is also a tried and tested light therapy with all known, positive effects on the psyche …